crossfit craziness...

I’ve been curious about the CrossFit craze for the past few years but was always a little scared to give it a whirl. A few weeks ago I decided to jump into the WOD-ers (sorry, I couldn’t resist) for a month to see if it was really as bad as it looked.

It is.

But I really LOVE it!

The truth is that there have been a few days I’ve almost cried or given up out of frustration (it sucks being the weakest or slowest one in the group) or honestly, exhaustion (16.5 was THE WORST), but there have been more days that I’ve been really proud of myself for accomplishing something in a few tries that I thought would take forever to happen (toes to bar...woot woot… pull up, you’re next!)

While I can see why it’s not for everyone, for now I can say that I’m hooked. At least until I finish my first RX workout…and my first handstand push up…. and muscle up… and...ok, so it may be a while… stay tuned!