quick + healthy + cheap = monday's salmon lunch

If you're looking for an easy and fast punch of protein for lunch then do I have a great reco for you! 

Salmon Salad

1 - individual serving pouch of salmon

1- dollop of homemade paleo mayo (sub in mustard or your fave condiment if mayo isn't your thing - I'll add a post on how to make this simple, delicious staple that you'll like so much you's say adios to your friends Hellmans and Kraft!)

3 - Wild Wonders tomatoes (again you can sub in whatever tomato or veggie you have or like, i.e., celery, cukes, capers, etc)

Chopped romaine or again, lettuce of your choice

Dash of salt and pepper

Sprinkle of balsamic vinegar

Done and done! Of course you can add or change around but this power lunch packs some great proteins and fats to start the week off right!

Oh and it's great with some Harvest Snaps Wasabi Ranch green pea crips... seems weird right?!? But trust me, they're so good and have become my latest snack obsession!