paleo mmmmayo....

I have to admit that I LOVE sauces and dips and generally have something on tap for a side whether it's needed or not. As it relates to mayo, while it may be a turn off for some, I believe that if you stuck a pin in me, mayo would likely come out instead of that red stuff! It's for sure my favorite of the condiment family. Having said that, store bought mayo's tend to include some stuff that you don't really need and I would hate to find myself in a position where I (gasp) ran out.

So... I learned to make the goodness on my own. Here's my (for the most part) foolproof take on this classic staple. 

what you need

1 egg

A decent squirt of Dijon mustard

A healthy pinch of kosher salt

Juice from 1/2 fresh lemon (you can try lemon juice from those plastic lemons but I tend to have issues getting the right consistency when I do it)

1 1/4 C of Extra Virgin LIGHT Olive Oil (make sure to get the light unless you don't mind a heavy olive oil taste to your mayo) 

how it happens

Crack the egg (keep the yolk whole) into a jar (I find a mason jar works best and the finished product will already be in its' container!). Then squirt in the mustard, sprinkle in some salt and add the lemon juice. Now pour about 1/2 - 3/4 C of olive oil in and grab your immersion blender. This is where the magic happens. Put your immersion blender in the jar so the yolk is contained in cap of the blender and then press the low blend setting. As you start to see the consistency get thicker start slowly lifting up the blender. After about 15 seconds, pour the rest of the olive oil in as your blending. Again, start lifting the blender up slowly so the whole mixture does it's thing. I then move the blender up and down several times to ensure it's all mixed up and voila! Homemade MAYO!!!! 

So I've been lucky and only ended up with a more dressing than mayo like consistency once or twice... for me it's been when I've used the not as fresh lemon juice or mustard powder instead of the real thing but I've heard it can also vary based on temperature and type of container. Don't be scared to try it but also don't be frustrated if it takes some practice. One reason I save part of the oil to add is just in case it's not coagulating the way it should then I haven't wasted it and can start again. 

Happy emulsifying and let me know how it goes!