merry christmas...

I promise that this picture and the plaids weren't planned but since we all looked presentable at the same time for once (Henry even smiled!) I thought I'd share. I'm thankful to be spending a little down time down south in warm SC with my parents for the holidays. Hope you all enjoy yours!

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prague?!? yes please....

I "had" to go on another last minute work trip to Prague this week and while it was short and sweet it is always welcome. I've been very vocal about how this is my favorite city in Europe and while there are others (yes, you Italy and, ok, fine France) that are beautiful for other reasons, Prague is one that took my breath away from my first visit almost 10 years ago and only gets better each time I visit. I'll admit that I'm not one to fawn over architecture but this place has me saying how beautiful the buildings are with every glance. Something about this place is truly special to me and this trip was no exception. Two hotels that I HIGHLY recommend are the Emblem Hotel and the Ventana Hotel Prague. The Emblem is a little more upscale but the Ventana feels a bit more like you're in a castle which is fitting for the city. The Emblem's restaurant and bar were very welcoming even as we stayed there late into the evening drinking them out of Cabernet.  #badamericans. Oh and don't forget to swing by the James Dean bar late night if you love dancing and cheesy music ... every hour brings another decade of hits!

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everyone needs another bag...

Stopped by the Renegade Craft Fair the other weekend and picked up a little belated birthday present for myself. After happening upon the Jenny N. booth it was love at first sight with this chestnut Archive number. I initially walked away but was pulled back after that little justification devil on my shoulder convinced me that yes, I needed a new work bag. I mean it's fall and back to school and well, you get the point. I placed an order for a customized bag picking out the hardware, adding a zipper and of course my initials and spent the next couple of weeks watching for the 'shipped!' email to appear. I couldn't have been happier with my purchase when it arrived and had to snap a pic and share while celebrating our anniversary at Bavette's. Thanks Jenny - I'm already looking forward to my next purchase! Take a 

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